We use permaculture, self-reliance, and homesteading principles to try and create an abundant and sustainable life surrounded by nature. The Freedom Farm is off-grid and off-road in the remote low mountains of Aragón in Spain.

Our ultimate goal is to create for ourselves a community based on mutual exchange, cooperation and respect for the environment. Read more about how the Freedom Farm got started.

We invite you to visit us if you’re interested in:

The Freedom Farm is located 12km off-road from the tiny hilltop village of Maella.

It is totally off-grid meaning there is no mains water, electricity or gas. There is no broadband internet and no phone signal.

The property is surrounded by dense pine forest and the nearest neighbours are 4km away.



Max is a prepper and homesteader on a mission to encourage others to embrace a slower more natural lifestyle. He runs the Freedom Farm Facebook group, Volunteer Program, the Freedom Guinea Pig Rescue, and the half-day Freedom Farm experience.

The House

We renovated this crumbling ruin into a fully self-sufficient off-grid tiny house. It has hot and cold running water, a dry toilet, a shower, electricity, and satellite internet. If you’re interested in learning more about the house renovation check out our half-day Freedom Farm experience that includes an off-grid tiny house tour!

The Garden.

Using permaculture books as our guide and after many many experiments, our organic, no dig, hugelkultur veggie garden has begun to feed us. 

Our priority has always been to keep it as simple as possible. The water from our shower and sinks goes directly to the garden, as does the manure and soiled straw from the animals. This combination means that we are producing high-quality organic compost right there where the plants are growing. It’s also low effort and low investment, we have no tractor because we have no need to plough. Instead of digging the soil down we are instead building it up.

Permaculture, observing and learning from nature to build resilient and sustainable systems that feed and replenish, that are water-wise and chemical free.

Hugelkultur, is the process of creating raised garden beds filled with decomposing wood, straw, garden waste and leaves. Hugelkultur is a regenerative gardening system that improves the soil with time, rather than depleting it. 

Organic, produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

The Animals

We are serial animal rescuers and have accepted many lost, abandoned, and mistreated animals to the Freedom Farm. We have rescue Chickens, rescue Guinea Pigs, rescue Dogs, rescue Cats and even a rescue Goat.

Before the sun comes up goats are milked, chickens are fed and eggs are collected, dogs go out to protect the farm and everyone fits into a daily rhythm that requires no watch. 

There is a lot of work involved in keeping animals but the reward is that we can produce our own fresh organic eggs, chicken, milk, cream and cheese.

What People Say about us…

“If there is one over-arching feeling that this experience with Max and Nick has left me with it is that no matter how stuck in a rut you are, or how few skills you have, transformation is always possible. We can change our lives in the most radical of ways, it’s just that most of the time we don’t have the courage or the imagination to do so.” Olivia Grundy, shared-earthliving.com

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