Are you a little Bird Crazy? Help us help more birds.

Are you a little Bird Crazy? Help us help more birds.

The Freedom Farm is located in an EU Bird Preservation Area, this gives us a unique opportunity to help many different avian species of local, migratory and endangered birds. We also keep a variety of domesticated birds here, some of whom have been rescued (for example liberated factory hens), some who have been born and raised here (including rare and endangered heritage birds) and your everyday free-range household chickens. Becoming a Bird Crazy Patreon Supporter will allow us to build more infrastructure to help our flying friends by; increasing the number of bird baths, bird feeders and bird houses in the area, planting more native shrubs and bushes that provide food and habitats, and eventually to install a nature pond that will give food and water to visiting birds.

Please click the link below this post to visit our Patreon Page and help us to help more birds for only €3 a month.

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