Are you ready for a life changing experience? 90days off-grid in the mountains!

Are you ready for a life changing experience? 90days off-grid in the mountains!

Are you interested in a life changing off-grid experience in the mountains of Aragón, Spain?

We are looking for a very special person or couple or pair to come and live rent free in our beautiful Mongolian yurt for three months this winter (Nov-Dec-Jan). With limited internet, electricity and water you’ll live on the edge of a deep pine forest beside hundreds of acres of undisturbed orchards and olive groves. You’ll keep yourself warm and cook with a wood stove and enjoy the quiet days and nights surrounded by nature.

Read more about our volunteering program here.

The Freedom Farm is in a remote location, the nearest village being about 10km away. It’s important to understand that in such a remote place, much is dictated by the weather and the seasons. After a very heavy rain/snow, you may not be able to drive on the gravel road for a week or two at a time. However, we will help you with the essentials so long as you’re able to plan for your supplies and communicate your needs with us.

During the mornings you’ll join us for a bit of farm work, gardening, animal care, olive harvesting, tree pruning, dog walking, general maintenance etc… but it’s mostly all fun and light to medium intensity. On work days we share a communal meal. What we’re not looking for is agricultural slaves, instead we’re looking for people who can share in the organising and running of the farm and the homestead as equal members of the family.

The person we’re looking for is experienced, determined,  easy-going and self-reliant.

Read more about previous volunteers here.

We’re hoping that you will have had some experience living off-grid and/or in another relevant situation for example cooking on a wood stove, chopping firewood, meal planning to maximize resources, animal husbandry, gardening, permaculture etc…

We find that the rewards of living a nature focused life far outweighs the inconveniences. However, we don’t pretend that it’s easy! Living off-grid requires a level of determination and “grit” that not everyone has.

Easy-going and Self-reliant.
Living in a small isolated community is very satisfying and rewarding. Knowing your neighbors, positively contributing to their lives, having people you can rely on to help and protect you, it’s a beautiful thing. On the flip side you’ll see the same faces day after day after day. You’ll become familiar with each and every annoying habit and you’ll hear the same jokes and annecdotes around the campfire night after night. Sometimes you’ll spend long winter nights alone with a book and a candle and you’ll finally get around to learning that instrument you’ve always wanted to master but never had the time for. In short, it’s a fairly quiet boring life that requires an easy going emotionally self-reliant person to enjoy it.

Other desirable skills:

Drivers license/experience driving off-road 4×4/own car.

Ability to deliver informal fitness classes such as: yoga, PT, martial arts.

Artisanal skills making things.

We do not discriminate based on age, gender, sexuality, disability, race, religion, nationality or anything else like that. We’re open to humans of all kinds.

So if you think you are the person we’re looking for please send us an email to receive your application form to

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