Can Guinea Pigs live outside?

The Freedom Farm Guinea Pig Rescue rehomes unloved, unwanted and neglected Guinea Pigs in a peaceful outdoor setting where they can enjoy nature. Because our budget is tight we build all of our own houses from mostly reclaimed materials. Temperatures range from 46°c in summer to -6°c in winter so we’ve refined our house building techniques to suit the climate. Our pigs also need to be protected from predators that are all around us in the forest and on the mountain. I’m always pushing to give the piggies more space and better accommodation. Since they usually arrive at our Guinea Pig Rescue in large family groups (due to unregulated breeding ) at first we put them together. Then as time goes by we build more space so that they can spread out. This week Pumpkin and Bumpkin, who were born at the Freedom Farm Guinea Pig Rescue to mothers who arrived pregnant, will be moving into their own apartment together!

Help our Guinea Pigs!

We are struggling at the moment for several reasons. Firstly, the cost of guinea pig food has more than doubled, I am trying to source cheaper food but that is not always ideal for the pigs and bulk guinea pig food is difficult to source. Then there is the all-round cost of groceries that has gone up making it really difficult to get fresh things for the pigs, we are trying everything we can to try and get more fresh stuff for the pigs including taking from the dumpsters at the farmer’s market and getting our neighbours to collect their kitchen scraps for us but it is very time-consuming and really not the best for the pigs either. I currently have 17 Guinea Pigs of all ages, many of them are disabled or in fragile health due to being mistreated in their previous homes. In addition to the rising cost of the food we are also faced with vet bills and medicines for the pigs. Please help us reach our goal of raising $1000 which is the approximate cost of running the guinea pig rescue for 6-8 months. It would give us a chance to breathe and make sure that our high standards of care are not compromised.


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