FAQs Freedom Farm Olive Oil

FAQs Freedom Farm Olive Oil

Since we launched the Freedom Farm Olive Oil Free Giveaway last week, we have had many people entering in the hope of winning one of the first six bottles ever made. We’re so excited to finally make it to this point! Below I answer some of the tough questions that have been asked of us since going live with our product. 

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Why doesn’t your olive oil have a label?

This is our first year bottling and selling our oil, and as much as we would love to have beautiful stickers to go on our bottles, the reality is that after three years of near-constant hard work without any income we have got to the point now where we simply cannot afford it. Freedom Farm Olive Oil meets the EU minimum requirements for food labeling and includes the ingredients list and the nutritional information. Next year we hope to be able to afford labels, but that depends on how well it goes this year. If you would like to help us improve our business practices click here. 

You claim to be sustainable but you’re using plastic bottles, why?

Part of the answer is that like the label stickers, we simply cannot afford to package our oil in tins or glass bottles this year. Next year we would love to be able to bottle our oil in more attractive and sustainable bottles, but yet again that depends on how well it goes this year. The advantage of using the plastic bottles is that they are recyclable, light, and easy to send by the post. If you would like to help us improve our business practices click here

€25 seems very expensive for a 1 litre bottle of olive oil?

It may seem expensive, but organic extra virgin oil can sell for as much as €70 per litre. After harvesting, transporting, pressing, filtration, testing, packaging, advertising, and shipping (€10-€13) the Freedom Farm makes about €6 per bottle and on that we pay 20% tax. This is the true cost of being a small farmer. 

Is this olive oil organic? 

We do not use any chemical sprays or fertilisers on our olive trees: everything we do is natural and chemical-free. However, we are unable to say that our oil is legally certified as organic because we cannot possibly afford the certification process that is required. Therefore we prefer to call our oil simply natural and chemical-free. 

Is this olive oil extra virgin?

YES! That means that Freedom Farm Olive Oil is unrefined and unadulterated, without any added chemicals or blended with any cheaper oils. There are very strict standards oil has to meet to receive the label “extra-virgin”. It is made in such a way that it retains more of that true olive taste, and has a lower level of oleic acid than other olive oil varieties. It also contains more of the natural vitamins and minerals found in olives. Freedom Farm Olive Oil contains no more than 1% oleic acid and has a golden-green color, with a distinct peppery flavor and a thick viscous consistency.

Is the Freedom Farm Olive Oil Kosher?

YES! Our oil is extra-virgin and cold-pressed, which means most kashrut authorities require no rabbinic supervision, and therefore our oil is kosher to consume for Jews who observe the laws of kashrut. However, if you are in any doubt you should contact your rabbi or kashrut authority to be sure. 

You might also be interested to know that the Freedom Farm is 100% Jewish owned and operated. 

How will my purchase be delivered?

All of our orders are dispatched at the end of the month. This is because the Freedom Farm is located in a very remote mountain location, far far away from the nearest post office. If you would like to arrange expedited delivery please contact us.

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