Freedom Friends Patreon Supporter. Please help us out, we need your support!

Freedom Friends Patreon Supporter. Please help us out, we need your support!

Here at the Freedom Farm we are working so hard to bring about real positive social change, in our own community and in the wider world; by teaching people about and advocating for sustainable and regenerative agriculture, off-grid living, and self-reliance. Social change is not easy, that’s why they call it ‘a struggle’ and we need help if we’re ever going to make a meaningful difference. We gave up our comfortable suburban lives to fight the good fight against climate change and the global industrial food chain and now we’re hoping that you’ll join us in the struggle. 

What is patreon?

Patreon is an american online platform that allows you to support artists, creators and start-ups that you believe in by subscribing to them with a monthly donation. In return you receive certain rewards from the creators. 

Freedom Farm Patreon

The Freedom Farm Patreon allows you to support us in our work by making a monthly subscription from €5-€40. In return we offer our eternal gratitude, thank-you bags of our homegrown organic almonds, and big discounts in our online Olive Oil webshop. There’s also the option to name one of our trees after yourself or in memory of a loved one. 

If you’d like to offer more practical help check out our volunteer page here.

Where does your donation go?

Right now we’re at the point where we have worked for almost three years to bring our Olive Oil to market and so far we haven’t made a single penny back on our investment. We are hoping very anxiously that that will change soon, but in the meantime, we are running the whole project, the farm, the volunteer and teaching program, and our own lives on a very stretched shoe-string budget. Your donation will go a long way to help us continue making positive environmentally conscious choices for the farm, it will help us reach more people and share the important lessons we have learned about life off-grid. In addition, even the smallest amount of investment would make a big difference to our fledgling business – we might even be able to buy some labels for our bottles!

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