How To Compost Human Poop into Humanure! Permaculture Living Off-Grid in Spain Homestead Toilet

It makes no sense to me that we take perfectly good drinking water, mix it with our poo, flush it down the toilet, and then pay millions of monies to separate that water from that poo in an attempt to make it clean again. Here at the Freedom Farm we are pursuing a plan I like to call RE-POOPULATING THE EARTH and it’s the opposite of what we used to do back home. It takes marginally more time jthan simply flushing but it’s also natural, chemical free, and a literal gift to the earth, it’s called Humanure. In this video I’m going to show you how we poop off-grid and how we turn that poop into valuable compost for our garden!

Check out my blog post where I interview some different families to find out how they poop off-grid!

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