Important Announcement: Freedom Farm Olive Oil is coming soon!

Important Announcement: Freedom Farm Olive Oil is coming soon!

Nicholas and I have worked continuously for three years on bringing our abandoned and neglected olive farm back into production. This was no small task given that the farm was last occupied 47 years ago! With the help of many enthusiastic and generous volunteers we have chopped, sawed, and chipped our way through many tons of overgrown branches. We have mowed, mulched and tended our 8 acres of olive and almond orchards with a singular goal always in our minds; to produce the best possible olive oil in the most natural, chemical free and environmentally sustainable way possible. Through the snow storms, the floods, and the unprecedented droughts and heatwaves we have doubted many times that we would ever reach our goal. 

Today, with exhaustion and with pride, we can say that that day has finally come and with our wallets almost empty our olive oil has arrived and is ready for market. Today we picked up the first six bottles from the agricultural cooperative where our oil is made and without even a moment’s delay we offer it up to you. 

Please join us in our endeavour to create beautiful and sustainable food, healthy food made with love and care, natural chemical free food grown and harvested by our very own hands. Our life savings and three years of our lives have gone into this project and I hope you can support us in our journey to a cleaner, greener, and more abundant future. 

Here it is, finally!

As a special thank you to all our supporters you can CLICK HERE to WIN a free bottle of Freedom Farm Olive Oil worth  â‚¬25 by entering our competition giveaway!!

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