Spring 2022

April is always one of my favourite months here in Maella, the weather is just perfect for me: cold at night so you can have a little fire, warm in the day so you can be outside, and the ever present promise of rain which pleases the garden.

Thunder, lightning, and 49mm of rain in one day.

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to this Spring…


As the girl’s pregnancies progress so their appetites increase. We’ve been walking out twice a day and exploring the abandoned farmlands that surround us looking for the tastiest forage.

Fabulous Donations

This month we were grateful to receive two donations: one of fresh produce from our friends at the farmer’s market and the other all the way from HUNDESCHNAUZEN in Germany, an organisation that collects animal welfare items and ships them to animal sanctuaries in Spain.

Find out more about our small animal sanctuary Freedom Guinea Pigs by clicking here.

Watch Rugby enjoy his new sleeping bag.

Earthbag Building

We hosted a long weekend over the Easter break for old friends and new to come and help us cob the outside of our Earthbag Building. What an amazing time we had and the results speak for themselves. What a truly spectacular monument to what can be achieved by teamwork.


Our beloved farm cat Tilly safely delivered four beautiful kittens and they are bringing much joy (and loud mewing) to the farmhouse.

Good girl Tilly!

The Garden

All the rain we’ve had has sent the garden (and the weeds) into overdrive and we’re harvesting lots of delicious food this month: asparagus, artichoke, fresh garlic, acelga, cabbages, salads, borage, beetroots and radishes.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered, supported, donated, liked, or followed the Freedom Farm this year. It’s you that keeps us going and growing!

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