Visit the Freedom Farm for an amazing half-day experience deep in the countryside. €30 per person (morning or afternoon)

– off-grid tiny house tour
– visit the permaculture veggie garden,
– wander amongst the olive and almond groves,
– enjoy the Guinea Pig Sanctuary
– try milking a goat
– learn how to make cheese
– walk out with the goat herd
– collect the eggs
– see how a working homestead functions
– morning/afternoon tea including homemade homegrown produce

  • Mamma capra e capretta
  • I volontari della Freedom Farm a un progetto vicino

Overnight visits…

Our tiny house is too small to accommodate guests but we welcome guests with their own vehicles or campers.


Campervans and van conversions of all shapes and sizes have wound their way up the long windy road to the Freedom Farm. In May 2021 the 750m driveway was widened and resurfaced providing excellent access to this remote site all year round and spacious and private locations immediately adjacent for parking. We can arrange water deliveries to fill your onboard tanks and grey water can be discharged in designated areas. In winter it is recommended that campervans are fitted with heaters to keep you warm and cosy. 

Contact us at to book your visit!

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