Activities list 2023

Activities list 2023

Off-Grid Farm Tour. Duration: 1 hour. €10 per person

If you’re interested in learning about life off-grid then this is for you. Find out how we turn collected rain into hot and cold running water, how we built and maintain our solar power system, how we get wifi without phone lines and how we go to the toilet without plumbing!

Hand-milking and Goat’s cheese making. 2hours €20 per person.

You will learn the basics of milking a goat by hand. Using just two ingredients you will turn your fresh milk into a delicious French fresh cheese that can be eaten as is or pressed into a mould for shaping and ageing. Includes light snack.

Introduction to keeping Animals. Duration 2hours. €10per person.

In this practical class you will learn the basics of keeping three different animals; Goats, Chickens, and Guinea Pigs. You will learn different techniques for grooming and first aid, feeding, training, and housing animals. You will touch and interact with the animals therefore sensible shoes are essential.

Introduction to Permaculture. Duration 1.5hours. €10 per person.

A guided tour of the Freedom Farm veggie garden that explains the fundamental principles of Permaculture as they are applied here with an optional practical assignment making a small raised bed or hugelmound. 

Introduction to Chainsaw €30 per person. Duration 2hours. 

You will learn the basics of owning a chainsaw including learning the different components, safety, maintenance, and a chance at gaining practical experience chopping wood. 

Introduction to fig tree propagation. Duration 3hours. €15 per person.

Visit a nearby permaculture project where you will receive a guided tour of this beautiful off-grid property and a thorough education in the propagation of fig trees. 

4×4 taxi €5 each way. It is possible to walk 35mins. 

Trip to the River. Duration: 3 hours €20 per person. Add Picnic €7.50per person.

We’ll drive you by 4×4 to an off-road location on the River Algars. This river is a great spot for swimming and exploring with a natural waterfall, pebble beach, and clean cool water. It famously marks the boundary between Aragon and Catalonia. 

Village Tour by day or by night. Duration: 3hours €20 per person

Travel by 4×4 to see our beautiful village, Maella. Visit the ruined castle and hear the story of the princess who cut off her own hand. Visit the birthplace of famous Spanish sculptor Pablo Gargallo and see some examples of his work. Stop off for an ice-cream or a drink on the plaza and soak up some of the local atmosphere. There is also plenty of opportunity to visit the shops for any items you might need.

Guided Fishing Trip- Beginner Catch and Release. All day. €80 per person (discounts for groups, booking one week in advance).

Travel by 4×4 to a secluded spot on the River Algars where you’ll learn the basics of fishing, gaining useful skills and lots of practice, gently returning any fish you catch to the river unharmed. Included in the price you will receive an annual fishing licence for the area, all equipment, tackle, bait, and a packed lunch

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