With Difficulty She gives Birth to GIANT BABY! How we get milk from our goats off-grid in Spain.

Today I’m going showing you how we get milk from our goats and the story of how Stella have birth to a giant baby! I knew she was going into labor so I put her in a stall by herself and we kept watch waiting for the baby to arrive. We’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Stella, as a milk-factory reject she came to us very young with few goaty social skills. In fact, it’s unlikely that’s she’d ever been outside so she had a lot to learn but as her labour progressed we forgot about all that and focused on getting her through the delivery safely. At the height of her milky powers Stella can give us 3 litres a day! That’s a lot of milk, especially if there are other goats milking at the same time. That’s why in milking season I spend at least as much time making cheese as I do looking after the goats, it’s a whole lot of work. I am committed to doing all the milking by hand, it can be a slow process but I really enjoy my quiet time with the girls.

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