Month: June 2021

An informative guide to buying off-grid property in Spain, you will thank us later!

All you need to do to make your off-grid dream a reality is pay attention to the details. Don’t get carried away with enthusiasm and forget that Spain is a country with a complicated bureaucracy and a long history of disputed land sales. Keep your wits about you, do your due diligence and in no time you will be living happily ever after, sipping that glass of wine on your terrace enjoying the view and thanking your lucky stars you learnt the difference between suelo rustico and suelo urbano!

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Russian Cheese Cakes: Syrniki. Seriously delicious homemade from our own goats cheese!

One of the foods we have in abundance is fresh goats cheese it’s a bit like “farmers cheese” or “cottage cheese”. I make it all the time with our fresh goats milk and there’s only so much you can spread on toast before it becomes boring. Syrniki is a butter fried Russian cheese cake served sweet with cream and jam. In my version it becomes savoury and is fried in our very own Freedom Farm Olive Oil.

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Video Tour: Cardoons and Artichokes. Delicious to eat for humans and insects.

The first thing you see when you enter the Freedom Farm veggie garden are the Cardoons and the Artichokes. These spectacular plants are not only delicious to humans but also a very necessary part of the diet of insects. Every year I always leave a few Artichokes for the beetles and the Cardoons too, not just for beetles but for bees also. Right now there’s not a huge amount out there for bees and you can see many of them enjoying this rare treat.

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