Guinea Pig Sanctuary. How to Raise Happy Healthy Guinea Pigs Outside in  Hot Weather or Cold.

I’ve been rescuing unwanted or abandoned Guinea Pigs for almost four years and in this video I give you some of my tips and tricks for raising Guinea Pigs outside where they can enjoy the sunshine and the breeze. It gets very hot in summer, up to 45°c, and I’ve never had a Guinea Pig suffer from the heat. In winter it goes to -5°c and the Guinea Pigs are perfectly fine.

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Off-Grid Living: Vet Comes For Vaccinations, a Trip to the Market, and Glorious Unexpected Rain!

It’s roasting hot outside and we’ve had to find ways to keep ourselves occupied by inventing new games for the kittens, visiting local markets, and getting the vet round to catch everyone up on their vaccinations. just as we thought perhaps we weren’t going to make it through the summer, the tanks were empty, the plants were wilting, along came an unexpected and truly magical rain.

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Off-Grid Living: Infused Lavender Olive Oil for Skincare, Natural Bug Repellent, & Massage Oil.

If I grow something I try my absolute best to harvest and use it and I grow a whole lot of lavender. In this video I show you how I harvest, dry, and use lavender flowers to make an all natural and organic Infused Lavender Olive Oil that works great as a moisturising skincare, insect repellent and a massage oil for tired muscles.

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