Meals and Drinks

Meals and Drinks

Local Products gift basket. €20 per person.

You can have it with or without wine, this basket contains local delicacies; cheeses, meats, olives, tapenades ect… for an unforgettable tapas picnic.

Vegetarian Meal €6 per person per meal. Includes drink.

Please book in advance to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the Freedom Farm kitchen. Featuring homegrown and homemade foods. We cater to people with dietary requirements and restrictions.

Packed Lunch. €7.50. Includes Drink

Please book in advance if you would like us to make you a lunch you can eat later. 

Drinks served until 4pm and with a dinner booking.

8ltr Drinking Water €3

1ltr Drinking Water €1.5

Bottle of wine €10

Beer €2

Non-Alcoholic Drinks €1

-tea, coffee, lemonade, coke etc…

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